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October 22 2017

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Day 2: Your favorite character
Nathan Drake

October 02 2017


me: i’m going to clean my room! i’m going to take a shower! i will wake up early and take care of myself!
brain: u know whats fun? rotting.

Hefner’s philosophy admittedly differed from the mainstream heterosexuality of the 1950s — but only in the sense that it was built to better privilege straight men. As Barbara Ehrenreich detailed in her book The Hearts of Men, before Playboy, bachelors were seen as losers who couldn’t get wives of their own. (They were also suspected of being gay, as the implications around the phrase “confirmed bachelor” still attest.) Hefner changed the public perception of single men, turning them into swinging (hetero) sex gods having adventures that poor henpecked married men could only dream of. This idea is still with us today — if you’ve ever seen an episode of Entourage or read a pick-up artist’s blog, you’ve reaped the benefits of Hefner’s work. But the change was never meant to make sex more fulfilling for women, or even queer men. Far from it.
[…] In the pre-Playboy variety of sexism, women were children who had to be taken care of and disciplined by their husbands. In the new, “radical” Playboy philosophy, women were sour, scolding mommies to be rebelled against or hot commodities to be acquired. This split between conservative misogyny and hip, “liberal” misogyny is still with us, and still expressed in much the same terms. But Hefner never challenged the sexism at the heart of the social order — he just wanted to remove any responsibility men might bear to the women they slept with, and make sure men’s experience of sex was consequence-free. His revolution re-arranged the surface, but left the underlying structure of patriarchy intact.
Don’t Glorify Hugh Hefner (via brutereason)


listen pals, fuck all that “gentle reminder you would have been beautiful a fuckton of years ago” noise. your physical appearance is absolutely irrelevant and meaningless in the eyes of the great skeleton lord, who only sees beauty in the bones hidden beneath your putrid flesh. stay frosty

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Arguably one of my favorite lines of the ENTIRE SERIES.



I love how it’s “The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and MISTER Hyde” as in, yeah, they are basically two sides of the same person but only ONE has a doctorate

#unless your bitch ass second personality helped you write that thesis it is your fucking doctorate 

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Think about the thing you hate about yourself the most. Is it that you’re too fat, too weak, too mean? Do you go around talking compulsively behind other people’s backs? Do you lie to people? Are you terrible at sports?

What would happen if instead of running away from these perceived weaknesses, you took ownership of them? What if you allowed yourself to inhabit them completely, to crawl inside these traits and fill them up with your being? Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting that it’s all right to keep being mean to people. I am saying that if you keep beating yourself up for being mean, your meanness is just going to keep striking back, getting stronger and more vicious with each blow. If, on the other hand, you were to fill up your meanness with attention and presence, it might just begin to cool down. Like everything else in the world, it will finally have its moment and after that, it will fall away and you won’t have to act on it anymore.

[…] The real work we have to do at this time of year, I think, is to find compassion no matter what. But we have to find it for ourselves before we can be of much use to others. The real work is to look at who we really are, and to contemplate Who made us that way.
— Rabbi Alan Lew, This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation
(via brutereason)




AU where everything is exactly the same except instead of wanting to fuck Pennywise the clown y'all are normal functioning human beings

I fucking hope so 


me two hours after i should have gone to bed: time to solve the jonbenet ramsey case

September 28 2017

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Can’t trust a damn thing these days.

September 01 2017

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.
— J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (via thisnewson)


snort xanax in one nostril and adderall in the other nostril and let god sort out the rest

Your mom’s fingerprints are all over this story. I wanna tell everybody - the whole “choose joy” attitude? that was Leslie McElroy. That was her defining personality trait. And y'know, I think that rings out through the whole series.
— clint mcelroy, making me very sad but also happy at the same time? (via grorges)


what’s your favorite Justin McElroy rating? mine is

1 Alf out of 0 Alfs

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- Harlan Coben

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