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April 26 2017

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The Urca de Lima wrecked at sea last night. Dashed by the storm.

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The Tacoma Times, Washington, August 31, 1917

April 25 2017

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Why do you guys say that anyway? No mourners, no funerals? Why not just say good luck or be safe? We like to keep our expectations low.

April 22 2017

While many people think fanfiction is about inserting sex into texts (like Tolkien’s) where it doesn’t belong, Brancher sees it differently: “I was desperate to read about sex that included great friendship; I was repurposing Tolkien’s text in order to do that. It wasn’t that friendship needed to be sexualized, it was that erotica needed to be … friendship-ized.” Many fanfiction writers write about sex in conjunction with beloved texts and characters not because they think those texts are incomplete, but because they’re looking for stories where sex is profound and meaningful. This is part of what makes fan fiction different from pornography: unlike pornography, fanfic features characters we already care deeply about, and who tend to already have long-standing and complex relationships with each other. It’s a genre of sexual subjectification: the very opposite of objectification. It’s benefits with friendship.

Francesca Coppa, “Introduction to The Dwarf’s Tale,” The Fanfiction Reader (via rembrandtswife)

*bangs fist on the table* YES GOOD.

(via hot-elf)

April 21 2017





i just ? want to be the pope ? is that too much to ask ?

some people????? become religious leaders????? to cope??????????????

poping mechanisms

i almost scrolled past this, like some kind of idiot


magnus burnsides, shaking where he stands, balling his hands into fists at his sides, trying his hardest not to go pet or hug a service dog

“magnus…don’t do it”

“i know.  im just…im so proud of him.  look at him he worked so hard to get there im so proud” he replies, tears in his eyes

The Funko Pop of Dorian Gray





this is a good joke but the concept of a funko pop physically aging terrifies me more than anything i’ve ever encountered in my life

But the Funko Pop? What was he to say of that? It held the secret of his life, and told his story. It had taught him to love his own beauty. Would it teach him to loathe his own soul? Would he ever look at it again?
No; it was merely an illusion wrought on the troubled senses. The horrible night that he had passed had left phantoms behind it. Suddenly there had fallen upon his brain that tiny scarlet speck that  makes men mad. The Funko Pop had not changed. It was folly to think so.
Yet it was watching him, with its beautiful marred face and its cruel mouthless smile. Its plasticine hair gleamed in the early sunlight. Its black eyes met his own. A sense of infinite pity, not for himself, but for the molded image of himself, came over him. It had altered already, and would alter more. Its gold would wither into gray. Its red and white roses would die. For every sin that he committed, a stain would fleck and wreck its fairness. 

i am so afraid? stop saying these things?


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William Daniels as John Adams and Howard Da Silva as Benjamin Franklin in 1776 (‘72)


who here is

  1. a gay cryptid
  2. a supporter of gay cryptids
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April 18 2017

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                                             The door is open. I’ve opened it for you.
And it requires no war and no blood and no sacrifice.

#I can’t believe the central plotline of this show #is about a pirate who refuses to apologize for his identity/love to the homophobes who ruined his life #and the lives of those he cared for most #cAN YOU BELIEEEEEEEEVE #me hearing ‘and then they call /ME/ a monster’ the first time: oh he’s just like talking about being a pirate right!!! #me hearing it the second time: [literally being engulfed by flames] #WHERE IS HIS EMMY!!! >:( I AM ENRAGED!!! >:( #also I miss having these two on my screen so much I want to cry #they play off one another so well (via candlewinds)


me: ok time 2 sleep!!
my brain on repeat for hours: two Bros chilling in a Hot tub five feet apart cause there Not Gay

April 17 2017


yesterday i learned about a mythical creature called a squonk that lives in the hemlock forests of pennsylvania and is so ashamed of how it looks that it spends 80% of its time crying, only comes out at night, and if you corner it it will literally physically dissolve into a puddle of its own tears until you go away and if that’s not the most relatable thing i’ve ever heard idk what is

April 15 2017





Has anyone done a ‘lik the bred’ poem for Passover? I think this is that meme’s first Pesach.

Our name is Jews
And wen its nite
And tenth plage cum
We tayk our flite,
All thruout land
The first-born’s ded.
We hav no time
To rays the bred

Our name is Jews
And wen tim comes
To burn the bred
And serch for crums
We clen our house
We feast ate days
To celebrate
That we’re not slaves

Our name is Jews
And tho we luv
To eet wen saved
By God abuv
On these ayt days
It’s wheat we dred
And so we’re told
Don’t lik the bred

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Flint’s war could only have one result. A life of loss and misery and fruitless sacrifice. I had to stop it. And I’m not sorry for it.

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definitely a confidence builder when you idly mention to someone at dinner that you’re going to be dming for the first time and their immediate reaction is, “holy shit your game is going to be awesome”

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